ZOOM’s commitment to innovation brings new capabilities to our world class workforce management suite and recording capabilities with the introduction of land mobile radio recording.

Your company has people on the go, providing utilities, Transportation, Logistics, Security, Health, Oil & Gas and your business are serious. There are critical protocols, process, compliance and regulations. Wouldn’t it be ideal to record mobile land radio conversations along with your back office, and contact center recordings for quality management?

ZOOM gets it. We practically invented call recording, and now are introducing a consolidated capability to record land mobile radios along with your calls, emails, chats, and texts into a single application and workflow process for quality management.  Other WFO providers may record them, but only ZOOM provides a single process for reviewing all interactions in a single feature using contact center focused workflows and the latest search engine technologies.

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ZOOM Land Mobile Radio features:

  • Multi-site/source capable:  record in a single, or multi-site environment
  • Single workflow:  Our suite was architected to manage multiple channels of incoming interactions and help you refine those interactions as part of the whole customer experience.  Simply put, nobody does this better than ZOOM.
  • Easy deployment:  ZOOM land mobile radio recording is an easy add on deployment with Barix or Audiocodes hardware, or as a new installment of ZOOM’s WFO Suite.

ZOOM radio recording was designed for operations compliance, forensic incident investigations, security, and more. It is reliable, secure, and easy to use; and perfect for industries such as:

  • Utilities: Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Pipelines, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, and Telecommunications.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Train, Bus, Subway, Airport, Shipping, Hazardous Materials, Air Cargo, Roads, Bridges, and More.
  • Security, Health, Safety, and Environment: University, Corporate Campuses, Public Safety, Manufacturing, Storage Facilities, Commercial Operations, Healthcare, and Government.
  • Oil and Gas: Exploration, Production, Offshore, Onshore, Storage, Offloading, Extraction, Processing, Refining, and Power Plants.

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