WFO for Amazon Connect:

Contact centers traditionally required a large up-front investment of time, resources and money to implement and maintain necessary software and infrastructure.  Amazon created a splash with their revolutionary self-service, usage-based cloud contact center offering.  ZOOM now delivers its world class WFO platform as a complimentary, flexible, easy to spin up, pay per minute offering via a seamless integration with Amazon Connect. 

The future is here, your organization can pay as you go for all your contact center needs with ZOOM’s top tier WFO software paired with Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect + ZOOM makes it easy to deploy a voice-based customer contact center and provide reliable customer engagement at any scale.

The following features are supported with ZOOM’s Amazon Connect integration:

  • Import of recorded conversations, media and metadata from Connect
  • Search & Replay
  • Media Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Compliance features for GDPR

ZOOM WFO + Amazon Connect Call Recording options for deployment:

 On Premise

  • Perpetual or subscription billing model
  • Customer provides environment, standard ZOOM install
  • Same functionality as cloud usage model
  • Open APIs for integrations & archival

 Cloud as a Service

  • Tiered “Pay Per Use” model - billed by monthly recording minutes
  • Available in ZOOM cloud only- operated and managed by ZOOM
  • Same features as on premise
  • Single tenant
  • Open APIs for integrations & archival

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