WFO for Amazon Connect:

The future is here, your organization can pay as you go for all your contact center needs with ZOOM’s top tier WFO software paired with Amazon Connect.

Amazon Connect + ZOOM makes it easy to deploy a voice-based customer contact center and provide reliable customer engagement at any scale.

The following features are supported with ZOOM’s Amazon Connect integration:

  • Import of recorded conversations, media and metadata from Connect
  • Search & Replay
  • Media Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Management
  • Speech Analytics
  • Compliance features for GDPR

ZOOM WFO + Amazon Connect Call Recording options for deployment:

 On Premise

  • Perpetual or subscription billing model
  • Customer provides environment, standard ZOOM install

 Cloud as a Service

  • Tiered “Pay Per Use” model - billed by monthly recording minutes
  • Available in ZOOM cloud only- operated and managed by ZOOM

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