UPDATED 01/01/2020


System Requirements Guide


In the sections that follow, there are examples of the components and hardware requirements for different sizes of ZOOM installations. Every installation, like every customer is unique, and so ZOOM provides sales engineers who can tailor an installation to a specific customer’s needs.

*This document does not replace the need for a ZOOM sales engineer to properly design a customer hardware implementation.

Basic requirements

All installations of ZOOM software should be sized and approved by a ZOOM sales engineer as there are many factors to consider when designing a hardware and network solution.

Inputs include (but are not limited to):

  • Business Days/Hours
  • Calls Per day
  • Length of Calls / % Recorded
  • Archival Periods
  • Number of Data Centers / DR / High availability
  • ZOOM products purchased

ZOOM will then design a solution designed for those specific customer needs:

Hardware Requirements Image


The ZOOM Suite is demanding on both storage and CPU capacity, particularly if Quality Management is installed and is heavily used for evaluations.

Only fast SAS drives should be considered for call recording storage. Solid State Drives (SSD) offer much higher IOPS performance, so are an ideal candidate for the role as a call recording cache (short term storage, before calls are archived to permanent storage consisting of slower HDDs).

Network Requirements

High network throughput in a multi-server environment is essential, particularly where the NFS (Network File System) is used.

NFS Performance

NFS (Network File System) performance degradation is caused by the following:

  • Network connection speed much lower than the local disk connection (SAS has 3-6 Gbits / sec).
  • No caching (the file being loaded over the network could be modified any time by another process).
  • Network latency being much higher than local latency (all switches / routers on the way, and so on).
  • Network overhead being much higher than local transfer. The worst case is transferring a large number of small files.


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