Concerned that your customers are having a positive experience? 

ZOOM gets it. Measuring Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) represents more to us than just another KPI, it is a primary driver for our company culture. We are obsessed with serving the needs of our customers and partners. It is our passion and serves as the foundation for how we run our company. This fundamental belief is reflected in our platform which drives key business outcomes including customer loyalty, decreased customer attrition, increased employee engagement and increased revenue. 

2014                             2018

ZOOM NPS®= 69       ZOOM NPS® = 89

We have seen very positive results with our NPS® program. ZOOM 6.4 enables our customers to do the same.

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Our IVR NPS® surveys can be triggered automatically or manually by the agent after a call is completed. The following call platforms are supported for post call IVR survey:


Standard IVR:

  • Cisco UCCE & UCCX
  • CISCO Finesse Gadget

API Integration: 

  • Genesys

  • Avaya

  • Other (AudioCodes, Broadsoft, Etc)

Standard Dashboards Include: 

  • Allows multi-digit IVR survey responses
  • Pre-configured NPS® survey template
  • Captures survey results in real time
  • Filter scores by team & date range
  • Results highlight scores, promoters, passives, and detractors
  • Configurable thresholds for trending NPS®

Advanced Dashboards include:

  • Detailed NPS dashboards in ZOOM Performance Analytics(ZPA)
  • Promoters vs Detractors
  • blobAgent leaderboard
  • NPS® by region, queue, team, & agent
  • Highest performing agents/teams
  • Lowest performing agents/teams
  • Trends

ZOOM provides extensive customizable reports, dashboards and contact center analytics with our ZPA insights package.  Register and click "Show me ZOOM!" to learn more today

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