EPIC Systems Automatic Pause & Resume

ZOOM will help your healthcare organization protect data and improve customer experience with our APR feature designed to help customers achieve and maintain PCI/ DSS compliance:

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Epic Connector

Configuration within Epic application makes ZOOM API calls for automatic pausing and resuming of recorded interactions.  (more information available in the Epic App Orchard Marketplace) Epic App Orchard

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Are you at risk?

If you’re like many contact centers, and you store call or screen recordings with PCI-DSS data - or any HIPAA, GDPR or sensitive customer data – you are at risk.

Your risk grows every day with the increasing availability of speech to text cloud software, like Amazon Transcribe or IBM Watson. Hackers can easily pull a credit card number out of a recorded audio file for 10 cents using these tools. 

The average cost of a data breach is $3.5 million - and can easily run higher. Class action lawsuits are significant, not to mention revenue drops, attrition, and remediation costs. 

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A Million Dollar Risk: PCI DSS Compliance and Call Recording.  

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