Status, Pause, Record & Call Tagging integrated 

When paired with ZOOM’s workforce optimization software, our new Salesforce CRM Toolbar enables a seamless experience for the agent, tightly integrating with ZOOM’s quality management, customer experience and workforce management features to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service.


ZOOM is proud to partner with internationally renown integrator Bucher+Suter to deliver a world-class agent toolbar.  

Summary of New Capabilities

Recording Status Display:

Determines the recording status of the agent’s phone number and provides a visualization of this information directly within the Salesforce agent desktop toolbar.
Recording Control:
Enables the agent to manually pause and resume recording of a phone number assigned to them. (All calls are recorded unless acted upon by the agent and will re-start recording if forgotten in the “off” setting)
Interaction Tagging:
Enables an agent to tag every customer inter
action with predefined wrap up codes, meta data-tags, checkboxes or a free text field entry as defined in the ZOOM administration configuration
ZOOM is committed to:
SERVING our customers We are backed by an industry leading 87 NPS.
INNOVATION as part of our culture Award winning WFO leader, recognized by analysts and industry experts.
LOYALTY to our channel partners ZOOM is an indirect only sales company with exceptional partners.
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Key Features: 

Hide-able Toolbar - saves viewing space for the agent

Real Time Call Status - active & paused calls displayed in real time
Pause & Resume Actions - clearly labeled buttons for pausing and resuming
Call Tagging - allows for cataloguing of calls using meta tags
  • Free Text - open text field for tagging
  • Select Box - predefined meta tag options (can be required)
  • Check Box - binary selection of checked or not checked with a default value

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