ZOOM 6.3 On-Demand Webinar

Improving the Digital Customer Experience

The main theme of this release is “improving the digital customer experience in contact centers,” and—in summary—it includes the following key areas of new functionality:

  1. Greatly increased coverage for telephony platforms and omnichannel interactions—AudioCodes, ACME Packet, web page visits, chats, emails, and more
  2. Support for the most significant privacy laws in history
  3. Delivering a “Smarter” contact center


Want to Know More?

Here is further explanation of each of the three key areas:

  1. Greatly increased coverage for telephony platforms and omnichannel interactions:
    1. ZOOM 6.3 isn’t just Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys anymore but includes support for the most pervasive SIP-based platforms in the world, including Audiocodes, Oracle ACME Packet, Broadsoft, and more—on-prem, cloud-based, and hybrid architectures.
    2. ZOOM 6.3 can also capture page visits, emails, chats, recording of virtually any unified communications audio or video (through screen capture), voice of the customer surveys—all through open APIs and cloud middleware like Zapier or apps like Upstream Works.
    3. ZOOM has also expanded support for recording hand-held radios in the first responder, public safety, transportation, education, and other industries.

  2. Support for the most significant privacy laws in history:
    1. Affecting companies in the EU, US, and more, GDPR has been called “Y2K” all over again—the deadlines for compliance will be here at the end of May. ZOOM 6.3 has full support for GDPR.
    2. In addition to GDPR support, most companies also need to consider the use of manual or automatic pause and resume (APR) to support recording under most privacy laws—its use prevents private information from being captured in the first place (Download the ZOOM GDPR White Paper). APR is also one of the key ways to achieve compliance with PCI-DSS regulations.
    3. By extending our open APIs for APR to the healthcare industry, ZOOM will be the first WFO vendor in the EPIC App Orchard—EPIC software users can have an integrated ZOOM APR without any heavy lifting.

  3. Delivering a “Smarter” contact center:
    1. ZOOM 6.3 delivers enhancements to the ZOOM omnichannel search engine to make it easier to analyze and pinpoint conversations—with double quotes, Boolean operators, saved search, speech tags, custom meta-data, and more.
    2. Advanced Tagging is in 6.3—like #TwitterHashTags, companies can now tag or enrich interactions with meta-data to improve the way they capture, organize, analyze, and act on improvements or enforce compliance policies.
    3. ZOOM 6.3 also provides the ability to improve all contact center resources, not just agent behavior—web pages, CRM apps, mobile apps, policies, processes, and other resources can have quality assessments to help improve and impact key metrics.


The release notes and software are available on the ZOOM Support Portal.

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