ZOOM 5.8 Webinar Replay Recap


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Achieving World-Class Customer Satisfaction with ZOOM 5.7 and 5.8

  • ZOOM is #1 - the WFO industry leader in customer satisfaction

  • Our net promoter score is as high as any company - in any industry around the world - and we use our own software to help accomplish this


ZOOM 5.8: Cisco Improvements

  • Support for Verbal Contracts on Soft Keys

  • The "First of it’s Kind" Cisco™ Finesse Gadget

    • Simple, easy to use, 3-Click Agent User Experience

  • Integrated recording, ACD, agent perspective and customer feedback data for highly actionable reporting


ZOOM 5.8: Embedded Performance Analytics

  • The Right Mix: Greater than CUIC Reports, Simpler than Enterprise BI

  • 10-100x Faster: The Fastest Time to Value (TTV) in the Industry

  • 10-100x Fewer Delays: The Cloud Way – No Waiting on IT

  • 10-100x More Value: Less Expensive than Enterprise BI

  • Agile: Business Friendly – No Expensive, Ongoing

  • Development/Consulting Cost


ZOOM 5.8: Management Improvements and Upgrades

  • New architecture improvements make our upgrades the fastest, lowest risk, and highest value in the WFO industry


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