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Announcing ZOOM 6.0, which includes an industry first - and one of the biggest innovations in WFO history:


ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine


Now, you can "search customer conversations much like searching the Internet."



Furthermore, we are excited to present this webinar with DMG!




  • Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting
  • The ZOOM Product and Executive Leadership Team



DMG: Omnichannel Quality Management Best Practices:

  • Why is omnichannel quality management essential to improving the customer journey?
  • How can we move from single to omnichannel quality management?
  • What does it take to put an omnichannel quality management program in place?


ZOOM 6.0 Product Overview:

  • ZOOM Omnichannel - Where can we use search engine technology to better capture, find, and improve omnichannel conversations?
  • CloudLift™ for ZOOM Performance Analytics - What happens when businesses can have robust WFO analytics running in weeks?
  • How can the new GUI, pushing analytics dashboards to Cisco Spark™, and an easy ZOOM upgrade path improve operations this year?


Why Sign Up?

Experience You Customers to Improve Your Customer Experience

  • Poor customer experiences cost companies $300 Billion+ USD each year, says Frost & Sullivan.
  • In this environment, quality management must become more strategic - moving beyond voice to cover the entire omnichannel customer experience - chat, email, mobile, etc.
  • With ZOOM 6.0, contact center leaders can capture, analyze, and improve omnichannel customer experiences more effectively than any other WFO company in the mid-market sector.


What’s new in ZOOM 6.0?

  • ZOOM Omnichannel Search Engine: Based on search technology used by internet giants like Instagram, eBay, and Netflix, ZOOM 6.0 puts in a foundation to change the way WFO will be done over the next 5-10 years.
  • CloudLift™ for ZOOM Performance Analytics: Contact centers can frictionlessly move to cloud-based, business-friendly WFO analytics through a lightweight, cost effective, and low-risk process. Deployment is measured in weeks. Insightful customer experience metrics are available day one.
  • Our Next Generation GUI: Easier to use, more streamlined workflows, and reduced errors. Analytics dashboards embedded in Cisco Spark. Easy upgrade paths to the new GUI. 



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