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Learn how ZOOM supports MiFID II compliance


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In it, we explain our support for MiFID II, which is a very simple, quick to implement, and low cost way to ensure your ZOOM Call Recording or ZOOM Quality Management products address the regulations.

After an executive summary, the briefing covers:

  1. An overview of ZOOM’s Support for MiFID II,
  2. A research-based perspective on the current state of compliance in the industry,
  3. A review of the directive’s key call recording, digital communications, and record keeping articles,
  4. A recitation of key regulations for complaints handling and telephone recording, which are delegated to member countries as law across the European Union,
  5. A summary of the key industry questions and answers from the related European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) on the topics of call recording and record keeping,
  6. A more detailed explanation of the new ZOOM features for MiFID II support and several FAQs about availability, version support, and time-frames.

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