White Paper - PCI-DSS with ZOOM: 

Compliance, Call Recording, Next-Gen Hackers, and Pause/Resume of Call Recordings

Compliance, Customer Experience, IT, and Contact Center Leaders:

  • Hackers can now extract credit card data from a call recording for around 10 cents per call.
  • The cost of a breach can be millions—the lawsuits from banks alone impact businesses of ALL sizes.
  • Most companies are at risk unless they are using automatic pause and resume to prevent credit card data from being recorded.

It’s a million-dollar risk for a 10-cent hacking cost! Healthcare companies are particularly at risk.

White Paper Outline

  1. The Apology No CEO Wants to Write

Companies large and small experience breaches. The average cost is $3.5 million.  Jobs are at risk.

  1. The 5 Major PCI DSS Financial Risks in the Contact Center

Payment processor penalties, legal and operational costs, loss of current quarter revenue, loss of future revenue, and executive job replacement add up.

  1. The Eye-Opener: It’s Easier than Ever to Pull Data from Recorded Calls

New audio transcription capabilities are arming a generation of hackers with the ability to easily and cheaply pull valuable PCI DSS data from contact center call recordings.  

  1. The Most Overlooked Way to Protect Call and Screen Recordings

Call recordings can be protected by using Automatic Pause and Resume, which eliminates valuable data from recordings. 

  1. How ZOOM Supports PCI DSS with Automatic Pause and Resume

ZOOM offers a menu of pause and resume solutions, including automatic pause and resume for PCI DSS compliance.

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