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The new GDPR regulations have broad-reaching impact on organizations globally, and bring massive change to the protection and definitions of data privacy as they relate to customer data.


Who does GDPR impact? Any company, US, EU, or otherwise, that captures EU citizen data

Deadline for Compliance: May 25, 2018

Penalty: €20 million ($24.6M USD) or 4% of global annual revenue

How ZOOM 6.3 Helps: GDPR has been compared to Y2K in terms of the breadth of impact. ZOOM 6.3 makes it simpler, faster, and more cost effective to achieve compliance.


White Paper Outline

  • Why the GDPR Matters
  • Fundamentals of the GDPR
  • GDPR’s 10 Most Critical Areas of Importance for ZOOM Customers
  • Taking Action and Planning GDPR for ZOOM Customers
  • ZOOM 6.3 Capabilities for GDPR Compliance


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