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Available onsite or remotely, these interactive courses for contact center managers, supervisors and administrators will give you in-depth knowledge of all aspects of using ZOOM  in practice.


Professional Course


This course is aimed at technical staff. Become a ZOOM Certified Professional and provide premier professional services with every project. Acquire the necessary skills and technical expertise for implementing and supporting ZOOM QM Suite, including single and cluster server configuration, inter-module communication, and Media Lifecycle Management.

Length: 5 days in Prague, Czech Republic


Expert Course


This highly technical course is geared toward technical staff with extensive practical knowledge of our products. The technical scope of this course extends beyond that of our other courses, involving an in-depth review of cluster deployment, log files, various scripts and tools, database schema, high-availability deployment, and upgrading procedures. Participants are required to successfully complete the Professional Technical Training Course prior to enrollment.


Length:5 days in Prague, Czech Republic



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