How to deliver great service in an Omni-Channel world?

According to Donna Fluss, President of DMG Consulting:



It’s hard enough to deliver consistently great service in one channel, like voice, email or chat. But the complexity increases as new channels are added. This is because the starting point for all service (or sales) transactions is to “know your customer,” which is difficult to do when they can reach your organization via a variety of touch points and channels.

To deliver an outstanding customer experience (CX), companies need the right resources, practices and technology working together to give agents the information they need in real time so they can help resolve customers’ issues. When analytics is interjected into the process, it takes service to the next level, as it enables agents to personalize the experience for each customer.



White Paper Table of Contents


1.   Introduction
2.  Measuring CX in an Omni-Channel World
3.  Strategies and Tactics to Improve the CX
4.  Final Thougts

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