ZOOM's WFO Suite Meets All Your Compliance & Customer Experience Needs



1. Pervasive Media Capture - Our media capture portfolio remains the most comprehensive in the WFO market. (Our Cisco integrations capture more call details than our competition)

2. Compliance and Regulations – Sleep soundly while your organization remains compliant with recent regulations, internal audits and data security best practices. With compliance covered, spend time focusing on agent effectiveness resulting in positive customer experience.
3. Smarter Contact Center - Experience the innovation of a single view of the combined customer experience with ZOOM’s search-based conversation dashboard. Capture your customer’s loyalty with post call NPS® surveys and analyze results with quality scores using ZOOM dashboards.
4. Comprehensive Monitoring - Cloud means something different to everyone. ZOOM’s monitoring platform contains containerized, enterprise grade, open source tools. Prometheus and Grafana analytics software packages are now standard in every release. 
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ZOOM is committed to:
SERVING customers We are backed by an industry leading 87 NPS.
INNOVATION as a culture Award winning WFO leader, recognized by analysts and industry experts.
LOYALTY to partners
ZOOM is an indirect only sales company with exceptional partners.


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