ZOOM is a CISCO SolutionsPlus Partner

ZOOM is a preferred Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner.

ZOOM + CISCO = a powerful combination:

  • 1500+ joint customers
  • 361 joint partners
  • 150K+ seats of ZOOM software recording on Cisco platforms
  • 17 years of joint partnership
  • World-class contact center solutions


The ZOOM software suite is now available as a preferred partner on the Cisco Systems price list. Customers can order these products directly from Cisco sales teams and channel partners.  Click on one of the following to learn more:

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3 Unique Ways to Drive Sales for Cisco Sales Teams and Channel

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ZOOM’s new listing in the SolutionsPlus catalog provides three unique ways to help the Cisco ecosystem drive value, compete, and win:

  1. ZOOM is a channel-only company and does not compete with Cisco sales teams or partners “by going direct.”
  2. ZOOM is known for “being easy to do business with” and has award winning services and support across 90+ countries, 1700+ customers, and 350+ partners.
  3. ZOOM has a “make things simpler” approach to give Cisco a strong pricing advantage in the commercial market—it includes a subscription option and built-in maintenance line items to make it easy for sales teams to understand and communicate.

More Reasons to Choose ZOOM

ZOOM Protects Your Customers

  • ZOOM is known for being easy to do business with.
  • ZOOM’s customer satisfaction score is an NPS® of 88 for the trailing 365 days (as of Q2 2018).
  • ZOOM’s product is known to be 1. Easy to install, 2. Easy to deploy, and 3. Easy to operate.
  • ZOOM already works with over 350+ Cisco partners worldwide.

Market-Leading Product

  • Out of roughly 70 WFO vendors worldwide, ZOOM is one of seven on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) in 2018.
  • ZOOM supports every major platform in Cisco’s portfolio—unified communications, customer care, conferencing, and collaboration endpoints as well as integrations with Broadsoft and mobile recording. The ZOOM architecture also supports other telephony platforms, which can help Cisco partners and sales reps win opportunities to consolidate telephony platforms and standardize on Cisco.
  • ZOOM’s customer experience solutions are powered by the ZOOM omnichannel search engine—a platform for capturing any type of customer interaction—from Salesforce.com emails to Intercom.com chats to Hubspot page views—and provides both BI tooling and text analysis that is truly unique in the industry.

Why Companies Choose ZOOM

ZOOM’s recent customer survey paints a picture for why companies pick ZOOM. Here are the top 5 reasons

  1. ZOOM products fit customer needs (not too simple nor too complex)
  2. Partners recommend ZOOM
  3. High customer satisfaction provided by ZOOM
  4. ZOOM is simple and straightforward
  5. Reputation and referrals from other customers
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