ZOOM's WFO suite integrates seamlessly with Amazon Connect to retrieve voice interactions and contact center metadata to drive insights into the customer experience.

ZOOM retrieves recorded calls and presents them within our conversation application along with other omnichannel contact center data and virtually any other data source in your organization.

ZOOM supports Amazon Connect as a second source of contact center calls for companies with seasonal increases in volume as well in a single product. 

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ZOOM connects directly to Amazon Connect's S3 storage using secure APIs to download call metadata and voice recordings. 

A single installation of ZOOM allows for multi-channel input of calls, emails, text, web chat or other interaction types in an easy to utilize application for contact centers. 

Learn more about Amazon Connect here: Learn More

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On Premise
  • Perpetual or subscription billing model
  • Customer provides environment, standard ZOOM install
  • Same functionality as cloud usage model
  • Open APIs for integrations & archival
AWS Cloud
  • Tiered "Pay Per Minute" model - billed by monthly recording minutes
  • Available in ZOOM cloud only- operated and managed by ZOOM
  • Includes on premise features
  • Open APIs for integrations & archival
Use Cases
  • Contact centers looking for infrastructure cost savings are able to move all their WFO applications to the cloud.
  • Contact centers in need of additional throughput for seasonal surges.
  • Contact centers looking to consolidate their applications to a single cloud environment.

ZOOM integrates seamlessly to your call platform
Experience the innovation of a single view of the combined customer experience with ZOOM’s search-based conversation dashboard. Capture your customer’s loyalty with post call NPS®surveys and analyze results with quality scores using ZOOM dashboards. ZOOM’s contact center focused reporting and analytics help you make informed decisions and optimize your organization.
ZOOM call recording is one critical element of many for capturing the experience of your customers. Our products comprehensively capture and collate interactions from your customers through multiple channels including voice, text, chat,& email into a single quality management system. ZOOM products go as step further, allowing for survey of customers to capture their experience directly from the source.
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